Pam Bleakley and vitalyoga

I teach Hatha yoga in my beautiful studio in Chifley. I will guide you towards health, well-being and peace of mind.

  • you will feel stronger, calmer, and more stable
  • I will look after your bad back, your tight muscles so you find more ease​ and vitality.  
  • after 15 years of teaching yoga, I still love it
  • I know we must use it or lose it. Let's get going now!
  • need to go gently after illness or surgery?  I can do that!
  • not interested in head stands? We don't go there!
  • Registered Level 2 member of Yoga Australia, constantly learning more
  • I have training in Yoga for Pain and take care of your persistent pain
  • my personal style includes teaching strength, balance and flow - all important in advancing years
  • We focus a lot on breathing well. Pranayama is potent healing
  • small group classes or individual therapy sessions for home program design


          Studio is in Chifley, ACT


What my students say

As always, I've greatly enjoyed yoga this year; your mix of mindfulness and exercise does me a great deal of good. MG

I certainly feel more vital!  Ten years ago I could hardly walk as I had a prolapsed disc in my back. It seldom bothers me now and I put the good management of that injury down to yoga and your wonderful guidance. - DM

The Friday class plays a critical role in my quest for balance and the benefits flow into all parts of my life.  Pam's generous spirit and approach to teaching beautifully marry her scientific knowledge with the spiritual and emotional core of yoga.  I am a big fan of prana, chanting and a good stretch; I love to follow the breath.  Daily yoga practice is my idea of bliss and the solidarity of the Friday class has taken me a long way towards achieving it. Fiona


Your class was life-changing for me -AF

yoga for everybody at our tranquil Canberra Studio


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