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Summer Renewal info

People in pain are turning to yoga!

 Classes for Persistent Pain


This could be your sort of Yoga if you have been in pain for way too long!  Enquire  about  Gentle Yoga for Persistent Pain.  Research shows that gentle, careful movement and meditation can help to retrain the neural pathways of pain response in the brain. Contact Pam regarding specialised Pain Care classes and private consultations.



You're invited! Summer Renewal is offered in January once again. Your Earlybird invitation

An opportunity for a mini-retreat close to home. We enjoy an intensive of three consecutive  mornings, longer classes, with time to explore traditional yoga techniques of asana, pranayama and meditation.  In 2018 Summer Renewal Program we will meet two iconic Goddesses and learn how they might help us.

Get moving, shed the festive season sludge and set your goals for the New year.  I hope you will join me!


vitalyoga with Pam Bleakley 

Come & join me for Hatha yoga in my Chifley studio, in either general classes or recovery classes.  Choose which suits you best.  Look forward to vitality, wellbeing and peace of mind.


  • find steadiness, ease and a calm mind
  • my teaching focuses on strength, balance, agility and flow - all important in advancing years - and especially on breathing well. Breathing well is a key to good health.
  • I will look after your bad back, your chronic condition so you find more ease‚Äč and vitality  
  • after 16 years of teaching yoga, I still love it
  • we must use it or lose it. Let's get going now!
  • need to go gently after illness or surgery?  I can help you
  • I have specialised training in Yoga for Pain Care, for bad backs and for  recovery after cancer treatment
  • small group classes or individual therapy sessions for my personal careful attention
  • Your capacity for self-reflection, feeling capable,  content, and above all, for stillness will blossom.  You will flourish!
  • Registered Level 2 member of Yoga Australia, constantly learning more


         vitalyoga studio address: 30 Gledden St Chifley, ACT

Ph: 02 62810335 E: pam@vitalyoga.com.au

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